A film adaptation of Kathryn Bonella's best selling book that exposes the incredible inside story of Bali’s hidden drug world.

It’s snowing in Bali. Among Bali’s drug dealers it’s the code for a huge cocaine shipment having just landed. For the men who run the country’s drug empires, it’s time to get rich and party hard. The story charts the rise to incredible wealth and power, and filled with drug-fuelled lifestyles,  orgies, outrageous extravagance and surfing. But running a global drug empires from Indonesia is a high risk, with dire consequences for those caught – where two traffickers have since been executed (2015).

From the highs of multi-million dollar deals to the desperate lows of death row, Snowing in Bali is a ground breaking story, giving an uncensored insight into Bali’s hidden world.